About us

Established in 2017 Macarthur Boardroom was born from an idea to fill a void in the vast networking space that was emerging.
Its founders saw a need in the marketplace to create a group that takes a strategic approach to networking and connecting business owners.

What is Macarthur Boardroom?

A group of like minded business entrepreneurs meeting regularly to take their businesses to the next level. Exclusive categories ensure trust is developed and business is generated through a collaborative and supportive environment. Members follow a proven structured program through the year designed to motivate the individual to achieve their goals and engineered to accelerate business growth through education.

All members are business owners or Partners in business.

Intellectual property is shared amongst members.

Emphasis is placed on education using real life case studies and open discussion.

Categories are exclusion and not diluted

We are invitation only.

What is our Focus

The leadership team’s main focus is to assist their members to: succeed in their business with an emphasis on out of the box marketing techniques, and establishing a professional marketing strategy encompassing the latest trends in technology.

How we select Members

Macarthur Boardroom opens our doors as invitation only. A potential candidate will express interest and the members of the group will discuss the potential member to ensure that they are a proper fit and comply with the values of Macarthur Boardroom. If the potential member is believed to be a successful fit they are provided with an application for and will be interviewed by one of the existing members.

Our Mission

Our aim is to bring together the collective experience and expertise of the group to deliver strong personal development through our members to make them industry leaders in their respective fields. To enhance the offering to our clients through our own personal growth and to share the skills and resources of other members through close referral relationships.